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Property Cleanouts Bradenton, FL


Dump Shakers offers Property clean outs to Bradenton, Florida and surrounding areas. We work with commercial and residential customers. Whether you are a home owner or home renter we will happily assist you. If you are on the commercial end, we have experience working with banks, contractors, real estate agents, executor of estates, and so on.  

Sometimes if you are a residential customer needing help with a property clean out or a foreclosure there can be an emotional aspect to it. We absolutely understand that. We have gained repeat customers because of how helpful it was having us do a property clean out for them. Often times it takes an outside entity to do a job that can hold an emotional toll on you. We respectfully, and efficiently do whatever it is you need us to do in a property clean out. Not only will we remove everything from inside a property, but we take care of the outside too. We will remove anything from outside, and also from any other buildings are the property. Such as barns, sheds, and cellars. It is our goal to make this enormous feeling task feel small to you.

Hiring a team to do a property clean out or foreclosure, is more efficient than renting a dumpster. Having a skilled team come in to load everything up into a trailer for you will save you an enormous amount of time. Therefore saving money in the long run. Not to mention saving you from having to know which items are disposed a certain way while others have to be disposed of differently. Our teams come with that knowledge, speeding up the process even more. 

If you need help with the gigantic task of a property clean out, or a foreclosure, give us a call today. We offer free quotes, and an easy scheduling system.