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We make the junk removal process a seamless one, taking out all the confusion and inefficiencies.

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The Junk Removal Company Bradenton, FL Knows and Loves

Junk removal can look different to everyone. Furniture removal, carpet removal, trash removal, appliance removal, and any other sort of rubbish removal all fall under the junk removal services that the Dump Shakers Junk Removal Bradenton perform. We offer fast and convenient service that allows you to simply point to what needs to go, and we take care of the rest. The best junk removal Bradenton, FL has to offer is just a click or call away!

What Junk Removal with
Dump Shakers Looks Like...

Many people are unsure of what to expect when it comes to hauling junk away. We make it easy; here’s what you can expect during our junk removal service:

  • We communicate to learn what items need to go
  • We break things down in order to pack it all into the truck
  • We do furniture removal from buildings
  • We secure everything safely into our truck
  • And we haul it away!
Dump Shakers Junk Removal Bradenton FL keeps things simple in an effort to lighten your load as quickly as possible. Click here to learn more about our individual services, or click here to get in touch with us right away. We make scheduling a pickup as easy as clicking a few buttons!

Dump The Junk. Embrace Comfortable Living.

Getting rid of junk is essential for your and your loved ones’ health and wellbeing. But junk removal is indeed a hassle – one which you cannot devote time and energy to on a regular basis, right? This is where Dump Shakers comes in. We cater to all your junk troubles promptly and effectively! Benefit from the best junk removal in Bradenton.

Redefining Junk Removal Bradenton

We make the junk removal process a seamless one, taking out all the confusion and inefficiencies.
All you need to do is point us to the junk and we’ll make it disappear. Yes, that’s right!
We’ll handle the heavy lifting, careful maneuvering from your home, and dispose of junk – sustainably.
Get rid of the junk of all types and sizes on your own terms!

Not Your Junk?
Not Your Problem.

Moving into a fixer-upper can seem like a fun project at first, but after realizing how much needs to be torn out or discarded, the mess can pile up. Dump Shakers Junk Removal Bradenton FL is here for that! Our junk removal includes things like carpet removal and appliance removal so that you can start from scratch and build your new home into the space of your dreams. Our junk removal services extend far beyond simple things like trash removal. To learn more about what we can do to help you, give us a call today.
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"all i want to do is zoom a zoom zoom zoom and a vroom vroom, Just dump ya junk!"


Need some junk picked up last minute? Just give us a call and we will take care of it.


Our team is clean cut, efficient and professional.


Offering affordable rates to local Bradenton and surrounding area residents.


Our team focuses on recycling and donating what we can. We do our part for the environment.

our junk removal services

Dump Shakers Dumpster

Dumpster Rental

We offer dumpster rentals in two different sizes. If you need to rent a dumpster for a few days to do a clean out or clean up, we provide a hassle free easy dumpster rental process in Bradenton, FL and surrounding areas.


Dumpster full of junk

Junk Removal

Junk hauling services in Bradenton, FL and surrounding areas.  Dump Shakers has been providing junk hauling services in Bradenton, FL and surrounding areas since 2020. We know how difficult and time consuming getting rid of unwanted items can be.

Dump Shakers removing an old appliance

Appliance removal

Appliance removal services in Bradenton, FL and surrounding areas.

We like assisting our customers with their home appliance removal needs.
Trailer full of old furniture

Furniture Removal

Are you located in Bradenton, Florida or surrounding areas? Have you been looking for a reasonably priced company to assist you to remove and dispose of unwanted furniture? Look no further, Dump Shakers can assist you. We offer competitive prices and quality service. 

Dump Shakers throwing garbage out in the dump

Light Demo

Need a kitchen or commercial space demo? DumpShakers can professionally demo any area you need by not only providing the dumpsters but labor and equipment as well.

Services provided for residents of Bradenton Florida and surrounding areas.

Old furniture on the side of the house

Mattress Disposal

Dump Shakers helps residents of Bradenton, Florida remove unwanted, old mattresses. If you live in the area or surrounding areas we can help.
Mattress need replaced every few years, we get that. 

Old furniture stacked on top of each other

Property Cleanouts

Dump Shakers offers Property clean outs to Bradenton, Florida and surrounding areas. We work with commercial and residential customers. Whether you are a home owner or home renter we will happily assist you.

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Here to Help

Family owned local business that is dedicated to professionalism, excellent customer service, and assisting you with providing a smooth, easy, junk removal process! Call or Text Today! 



Dump Shakers

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Dump Shakers

6605 33rd St E, Suite C Sarasota, FL 34243

Open 24/7