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Furniture Removal Bradenton, FL


Are you located in Bradenton, Florida or surrounding areas? Have you been looking for a reasonably priced company to assist you to remove and dispose of unwanted furniture? Look no further, Dump Shakers can assist you. We offer competitive prices and quality service.   Removing furniture from a home or office can be a tedious task. Unless you have someone to help you lift and carry the large, and bulky item it’s close to impossible. The upside to hiring a junk removal company like ours is that we come prepared. We have the team members needed to lift heavy furniture. We also have the equipment, like hand dollies. We work together as a team to remove any unwanted furniture. Doing so ensures that there is. It damage to your home or office.  

If you’ve tried removing furniture on your own, you know that you need some sort of truck or trailer to put the old furniture in. That’s not the case for most of the population. By hiring a team like ours you are saving yourself the work and potentially the extra cost of removing and disposing old furniture. We have dump trailers that can fit multiple pieces of large furniture. Along with having the tools to remove old, unwanted, or broken furniture, we have the knowledge of how to properly dispose of it.   Do you work in an office space or house with list of stairs? That will not be a problem for our skilled and safe team members. They have the experience to get a tricky job completed. Customers always mention to us how cheap and affordable we are compared to other junk removal service quotes they had while shopping around. It’s not because our work ethic in inferior, it’s actually the opposite. We work quickly and efficiently so we don’t take up extra time from you. You can call today and speak to one of our service members for a complimentary quote. 

If you have concerns that we can’t remove a type of furniture from your home or office please read the example list below. We have listed a variety of items that we haul away on a daily basis. If you don’t see the item you need help with on the list just give us a call.

Furniture Items