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Light Demolition

Welcome to DumpShakers - Your Light Demolition Experts!

Are you looking to revamp your space or embark on a renovation project? DumpShakers is your go-to destination for efficient and reliable light demolition services. We specialize in various demolition projects, including shed demolition, carpet removal, tile flooring, laminate flooring, kitchen demolition, bathroom demolition, and thorough site clean-up.

Why Choose Dump Shakers

  1. Experience and Expertise: With years of experience in the industry, our skilled team has mastered the art of light demolition. Whether it’s tearing down a small structure or removing interior walls, we have the knowledge to handle it all.

  2. Safety First: Safety is our top priority. We strictly adhere to industry standards and regulations to ensure that every demolition project is carried out safely and without incident, no matter how big or small.

  3. Equipment:We utilize cutting-edge equipment and technology to streamline our demolition process, making it faster and more efficient, ultimately saving you time and money. With expert equipment, you can get your projects over and done without worry! 

  4. Eco-Friendly Practices: At DumpShakers, we are committed to responsible demolition. We employ environmentally friendly practices, recycling and disposing of materials properly to minimize our impact on the environment.

  5. Prompt and Reliable Service: We understand the value of your time and strive to complete projects within the agreed-upon timelines. You can count on us to be there when you need us, without any delays.

  6. Customer Satisfaction: Our commitment to customer satisfaction means we’ll work closely with you to understand your needs and deliver results that exceed your expectations. We prioritize communication to make sure the job gets done and you feel satisfied with your service.

Our Services

  1. Shed Demolition: Is that old shed taking up valuable space in your backyard? Let us handle its safe and swift removal, making way for your new outdoor plans.

  2. Carpet Removal: Whether you’re upgrading your flooring or just saying goodbye to an old, worn-out carpet, our team will efficiently remove it without leaving a trace behind.

  3. Tile Flooring Demolition: Say goodbye to outdated or damaged tiles, and let us skillfully remove them, preparing your floors for a fresh new look.

  4. Laminate Flooring Demolition: Removing laminate flooring requires precision to avoid damage to the subfloor. Our experts will handle the task with utmost care and efficiency.

  5. Kitchen Demolition: Planning a kitchen remodel? We’ll tear down and remove cabinetry, countertops, appliances, and more, ensuring a clean slate for your dream kitchen.

  6. Bathroom Demolition: Upgrade your bathroom without the hassle of tearing it down yourself. Our team will dismantle and haul away all the debris, leaving you with a blank canvas for your renovation.

  7. Site Clean-Up: Once the demolition is complete, we take pride in leaving the site spotless. Our thorough clean-up ensures a safe environment for the next phase of your project.


Are you ready to experience hassle-free light demolition services? Reach out to DumpShakers today for a free quote. Our team of experts is ready to discuss your project needs and tailor a demolition plan that fits your budget.

Don’t let unwanted structures hold you back – let DumpShakers do the job and shake up your space for a brighter future!